Thursday, 25 September 2014

Im really tired.. I have tried and tried to get a job but nobody at all seems to want to give me one... I may not have much experience but I do have plenty of common sense but that in a bureaucratic world doesn't mane anything I guess.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

gel heel cups

Since getting stupidly painful feet.. My feet are getting old you see I need to buy something to stop the pressure from building up and killing my feet and I think i have found something after reading this article on heel pain.

gel heel cups can help prevent the heel of the foot from any unwanted damage  Over time and with the constant pressure that your body weight and gravity puts on your heel the heel can actually become weakened... if not by age. That is why you must do everything you can in your power to help protect your heel. One of the ways you can do this is by putting gel heel cups shoe inserts into your shoes. Simple, discreet, purpose built to help make sure there is no pressure build up on your heel. One of the ways these heel cups doe this is by spreading the pressure with the adaptive and flexible material the heel cups are made of. The gel will mold to your heel shape but will be firm enough to give adequate support that you need.. this will help to position your feet and cushion the heel, not only that but the gel can act as a shock absorb-er so that instead of damaging shocks going straight to your heel and foot the shock is depleted.

#Gel heel cups can be bought by orthotic online store from the internet, t is recommended that you buy a pair of these heel cups that actually fit comfortably to make sure you get a pair that are comfortable get a size that fits your shoe size.. not too big and not to small. Too bigger heel cup and your feet may start slipping in them and will not fit inside your shoes comfortably, too small and it maybe to tight and cause problems and pain.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Knitting is quite fun!

DON'T TAKE THE MICK OUT OF KNITTING!!!! You may pass knitting wooly jumpers and wooly socks as something old people do but knitting really is quite fun and quite creative. Yes you are able to knit wool jumpers but you aren't just limited to stuff like that. I have been making wool teddy bears for many years now and you can really get creative. It is a hobby but it can pay off too.. because it doesn't cost a lot of money to get started just the knitting needles and wool but once you got that you ready to get going and who knows maybe when you get good you will be able to start selling what you make to people and designing fashionable knit wear which is original... sounds good right?

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Staying healthy by running

im dont wannt be unhealth but running over the years has really damaged my feet...

Running is a really great and fun way to stay healthy. If you feel that you are incapable of running either you have suffered a major injury or are just fat to unfit to run then fear not as walking is just as good to keep you healthy and active. Cardio exercise like running and walking is something that EVERYONE needs no matter who you are.
Cardio helps keeps your heart healthy and reduces the risk of cardio vascular disease.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

How to increase your height

Im sick of it.. all the name calling and all the upset of being my height... small.. I am almost  adwarf and it aint funny no more!!! At 22 i have no chance of growing anymore so I need to take action.....! I looked online and found some insoles to put in my shoes...
One of the best ways in my opinion is wearing height increasing insoles. Height increasing insoles may sound a bit strange at first are rather amusing however the height increase that these lifts give you is no joke.
Shoe lifts have been around for quite some time and a surprising number of people wear them. But the reason why more people don’t wear or even no about them is because they are impossible to tell when someone is wearing them and it unlikely that the person wearing hem is going to tell everybody about them is it? So that is why height increasing insoles have not taken the world by storm simply because people cannot see them... out of sight out of mind.
It is good that people cannot see people wearing them because then the wearer can seem to others as though they are naturally tall and not wearing anything to boost their height.
Comfortable to wear and cost effective makes them the best choice for anyone wanting to get taller quickly and without much effort...... well all you have to do is set them to the height you want to be with the stacks (each stack add height by stacking them). Yes that is right you can adjust your height how cool is that!
Height increasing insoles where first made for people with leg length discrepancy’s a medical condition where one leg is longer than the other...This means that these insoles must be comfortable to wear. To do this the insoles have orthotics built and incorporated to the design such as arch support along with the shock absorbing material the insoles tend to be made from meaning discomfort is not a concern at all when wearing them.
Well, Now that I have told you about height increasing insoles I bet you are wondering where you can get some from hmmmmmm..... Well here is a website that may help you, At nuovahealth where they sell height increasing insoles

Monday, 8 April 2013

Heel lifts the best way to get taller!

If you want to get taller really quickly yet are stuck because say for instance you have a job interview soon and want to appear to have more confidence and authority and you think being taller will help and you know that stretching exercises will not help you achieve a new taller appearance quickly enough? Then have you heard of heel lifts? The old use for heel lifts and it is still used for this purpose was helping to correct leg length discrepancy's however now more an more people are buying them to look taller.

Heel lifts with their built in orthotics makes them far better to wear in your shoes than regular insoles! Some people even just wear them as a replacement for there normal insoles because they are more comfortable and the added height they get from them are just a bonus.

Heel lifts are worn by people all over the world. Even the rich and famous will use heel lifts to enhance their image and lift their confidence. You don't have to worry also about people suspecting your wearing them because heel lifts can be adjusted in height! Yes that right you can gradually increase your height with these insoles as though you are just growing taller naturally! How cool is that! and it also means noon can suspect a thing...

Heel lifts aren't cheating.. because nobody will know about you wearing them not of course you tell them your wearing them.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Should you buy custom insoles? No!

Because I like to run but hate it after when my feet hurt like mad not because of my running technique but because my soles of my shoes just let all the shock in really get on my nerves and I have been trying to find a way to stop this from happening. I have heard that by buying a good pair of running insoles you can stop this but so many people recommend custom ones. But recently I have been talking to one of my pals who has actually said that this isn't not needed and you can get by just fine by wearing some off the shelf ones BUT only if you buy the right ones and the ones that are made from a material that molds to your feet which will do exactly what custom made insoles do for a lot less of the price. In fact he said that custom insoles are just a waste of money compared to these ones because your feet are always changing shape and position as you run and a set of custom insoles will be in a fixed shape and will not adapt where as some gel ones will adapt to the changing shapes and positions providing the best support and comfort you can possibly get! There are many different things you must look out for when buying a good pair of insoles as their are a lot of people out there who just want your money...I will also advise against buying wool insoles because they are not rigid enough and do not provide support, wool insoles maybe soft but this is exactly why you shouldn't buy them. You really do need to buy good ones if you ask me as they provide good support and will adapt to your foot shape whilst running absorbing pressure and shock along the way.